“Your voice is like a smooth balm that hydrates my senses and sexually heals my soul”. That’s how George Simion’s music was described by a fan.

Inspired by The Weeknd, Drake, Lana del Rey, Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys), Childish Gambino; George Simion’s upcoming album “Sixtynine” is designed to be the perfect album for sweet lovemaking. Blending R&B with Pop and Dancehall, mixing the dark sexuality with the spiritual, the moody with a pop sensibility, “Sixtynine” will be a complete sensorial experience that touches and heals your soul and might make you fall in love.

It will totally make your sexual experience divine when you listen to it.
Sixtynine will have nine songs, 6 of them will be released for free, while the other 3 will be found on the deluxe version of the album.

“I just want to offer the world what The Weeknd offered me when listening to his albums while making love: an incredible experience!” – George Simion